Lesson #1 Introductions – Present Tense

One of your jobs in 026 is to get really good at using the major verb tenses: present, past, and future! That means in reading, writing, speaking, and listening!!

Practice makes perfect!!!  So let’s get started!!

The first tense we work on is present tense. In English, we use present tense to describe things we do every day… habits or routines.

STOP and look up the words “habit” and “routine” in an online translator like BabelFish

babelfish translator

We’ll work on this in more detail next week.

Today, we’ll work on the other way we use present tense – for facts or information

STOP and look up the words, fact and information.


Today we are going to learn facts about each other through introductions.

1) Watch this video at http://www.real-english.com/reo/2/unit2.html

2) Watch the same video – this time the one with sub-titles

3) Click on the link on the same page for Lesson 2 Exercises – and go to Exercise 2. Listen and complete the activities there. Now complete Exercise 3 too.

4) Now go to a new activity –


5) Listen to this dialogue 2 times

6) The third time, try to fill in the blanks on your handout.

Words to Use – name, live, where, work, from, how, many, people, family, what’s new, does, spare time, father, living, do

7) Now listen again and choose the best answer from the choices.

8) Use these questions to build a list to ask a partner about themselves.

9)  In pairs, take turns asking and answering the questions

10) Introduce yourself to the class.

Be sure to tell us your name, where you live, where you are from, what you do, how many people are in your family, what you do in your spare time.


Good luck!!!