Lesson #7 Future Tense – Will

Future Tense – Type A will

Look at the sentences below. What do you notice?

will + verb
The girl will walk to school next week.
The man will eat his dinner later on.
They will leave for work at 5:00 pm.
I will run to the store for you tomorrow.
I will study English next year.

When is the action happening in the sentence? Now, yesterday, tomorrow?

What “rule” can you write about forming the future tense?

Choose the correct form of the verb for the future tense from each group.

Linda (will walk/will walking) to work tonight.
They (drive/will drive) to Florida this summer.
He (will work/is working) for UPS next year.
Many people (will go/are going) to the beach in a few months.
We (is carry/will carry) the boxes for you later today.


Underline the future tense verbs.

I will go on vacation next year with my family. We will travel to Florida for two weeks. I will call the airlines to make reservations next week. My husband will get a rental car for us. Our children will pack their suitcases. We are very excited about the trip.

Now correct the verb tense mistakes

Her name will be Mrs. Jones.  She will goes to Puerto Rico next week. Her husband is coming on the trip.  He ask off from work. She will calling the travel agent soon. In a few days, their plane tickets arriving at their house.

Write 5 sentences using the Future Tense



Future Tense (will) with negatives and questions

Make these sentences negative

I will go with you tomorrow.

He will be a father soon.

They will like the party.

We will have enough money.

You will get a job next month.

What is the rule? Where does “not” go?

Write 5 sentences with negative future tense.







Making question with future tense (will)

You want your friend to go with you tomorrow. What do you ask?

Will you go with me tomorrow?


What is the word order?

Will + subject + main verb + rest of the sentence

Now you try it…

You want to know…

1)  if you and your husband have enough money for vacation next month.


2)  if the man in the street will get a taxi soon.

3) if your mother will have time to babysit next week. (You are talking to her on the phone)


4) if the people at work will come to your party next weekend.

Fix the mistakes with future tense in sentences, questions, and negatives.

“ Francis, will you come to my party next week?”  “Yes, I will coming!” That is great! Will we seeing your husband, too? Sorry, he not coming. He will be at work.  Will you having enough food? I will no have enough.  Will you bringing something?  Yes, I will bring some rice and beans. Thanks!

Write 15 sentences now about your life in the future – Include some negative statements too! (In preparation for your oral presentations 🙂


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