Lesson #1 – Shift!

To be in 027 means that you should already know how and when to use simple past, present, and future tenses. We will review them (BRIEFLY) but we quickly move into using them in real college activities. Click on the Review section to practice the tenses at the end of this lesson!

Being in 027 requires a SHIFT in how you think about your work in ESL classes.

One of your jobs in 027 is to now learn how to do academic tasks – that means in reading, writing, speaking, and listening!! In the lab, we’ll work on note taking skills and presentation skills as well as test taking skills, study skills, and strategies about HOW to learn, like vocabulary development. The goal is to help you on your journey towards being an independent learner!

Practice makes perfect!!!  So let’s get started!!

First….STOP and look up the words “shift”, “task”, “note taking”, “presentation” “skills”, “strategy”, “journey”, and “independent” in an online translator like BabelFish

babelfish translator

Use the handout in class to fill in the words to study later.

You just learned one new strategy – How to learn important vocabulary on your own!

Let’s look at another example of “shift” – this time we’ll use what you know about the past tense to DO something.

Your professor wants you to write a paragraph about what you did over the college break. What verb tense will you use and why?

Can you see the difference now in the type of work we will do in 027? You have to already KNOW the verb tenses to USE them to do academic jobs!

More next week. Now go to the Review section of this page to practice the past tense.

Write down 7 sentences (using the past tense) to describe your holiday. Ask a partner about their vacation. Present your vacation description to the class!


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