Listening & Speaking Practice

1) Listen to this audio 2-3 times about my semester vacation. Try to understand the story.

2) Then listen and fill in the blanks.

Hi! I want to tell you a little bit about my semester vacation. I _____ a great time! It ______so relaxing and fun. I ______ all of my family and friends. I _______ a lot of movies that I_______.  I _________ for my husband and he __________ that. He ______ a lot.  I also _________ furniture around the house. I ______ together an office for my husband so he can work at home. He _______ so happy!  I _________ my Mom and we ________ her over for Christmas dinner at our house. We _______ so much food and __________ a lot.  It ______ a great vacation!

3) Answer these questions – All of these words have something in common. What is it? Think about the job they are doing in the sentence.  How are they different? What grammar feature do we see here? How do you correctly form it? What’s the rule?

4) Now correct the next paragraph (only the underlined words)

John has a fantastic job last year. He works as a salesman at a clothing store. He really liked it a lot until he get a new boss.  The new boss is very angry all the time. He make everyone feel uncomfortable. John look for a new job and finally get one at a new store. He was so happy and start working right away.

Check your answers

5) Discuss a time when you got a new boss. What was it like and what happened? Focus on using the correct form of the past tense in your storytelling.


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