Lesson #4 – Process

We are about to begin the second organizational unit – Process.

Think about something you learned how to do – tying your shoes, making coffee, driving a car, ironing a shirt, baking a cake, planting a flower – What were the steps? If you had to teach someone how to do it, where would you start? How would you organize yourself?

Let’s work an example together… making coffee … What’s the first thing you do? Next? And then? Would someone be able to do it based on your description?

Now you try it – In groups, each group take a process and work it through, using the flow chart I provide. Each group take a different process and be prepared to present it to the class. Everyone in your group must speak. Think about some possible cues for process. What will make your presentation organized and flow in a logical order?

A. How to drive a car
B. How to make your favorite recipe
C. How to get a job
D. How to buy a house
E. How to use Facebook
F. How to do laundry
G. How to use a checking account
H. How to dress for success
I. How to ask for a raise at work
J. How to give a good oral presentation
K. How to lose weight

Good luck!


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