Lesson #5 Process


1) Can you describe what “Process” organization is to a student in 026? Process describes how to do something – the steps involved in doing something.

2) What tool could you use when taking notes in class during a lecture which is organized by process? Flow chart

3) What verb tense do you usually use when writing process? simple present tense

4) What cues could you use to organize your ideas for process? First, next, after that, finally

Today’s Lesson – Hydroponic Aquaculture – What is it?

First let’s think… What do plants need to grow?

What’s the problem with the picture below – What’s happening here? Why would this impact agriculture?

dust bowl image

In Africa, famine has been a constant problem over time… Why?

1) Watch the video and try to take notes. What did you understand from what you saw?

2) Now let’s go to your book – Chapter 6 – page 34

a) Let’s look at the origins of the two words…(From Dictionary.com)


1937, formed in Eng. from hydro-,  comb. form of Gk. hydor  “water” (see water (n.1)) + -ponics,                    from Gk. ponein  “to labor, toil,” from ponos  “labor” (see span (v.)).
aqua – Latin – “water”
culture – middle English – “tilled”
3)  Read the Introduction on Page 34 – Can you fill in the flowchart just from reading that introduction? Can you find any cues that you’ll hear during the lecture? Make a prediction – what are the main points going to be?
4) Create a vocabulary worksheet in your notebooks to work on the vocabulary on page 35 – make new sentences with each word.
5) Now listen to the lecture and fill in your flowchart with details as you  listen.
6) Use your CDs to take the comprehension quiz on page 37.
7) Discuss these questions with a partner
a) Imagine that your partner doesn’t know what hydroponic aquaculture is. How would you explain the process?
b) Discuss why, where, and how this method of farming could be useful
c) What could go wrong with this method of farming and why?
8 ) Listening exercise in your book – page 39 – listen and put the steps into the correct order.

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