Lesson #8 Compare/Contrast Intro

So we finished up the exam on classification. I know, I’ve been asking you to stretch a little with more writing on the exam, BUT I want you to see the connection between why we use the tools (time line, flow chart, org. chart, and now Venn Diagram) and when/how to use them.  You use them to organize your thoughts for ANY academic task – writing, listening to a lecture, reading, presenting, or discussions. The tools help to organize your thoughts and the cues help to connect them one to the next.

So with that said, this week, we start compare/contrast as an organizational model. Our tool… Venn Diagram. Take a look at one http://www.sdcoe.net/score/actbank/tvenn.htm

Compare – describes how things are alike

Contrast – describes how things are different.

We did the example in class, how is life in the country different from life in the city?  You came up with some good ideas!  Next week, we’ll go to the book and a more academic subject – elephants.


Discussion cards

We also started work using discussion cards. First, everyone read a short story about a woman returning to school after many years.  We did a fishbowl with a group of four students – each received a different colored card – each card had a different job to do during the discussion. On the back of the cards are sample language to help you do your job: ask a question/ add to the idea/ agree/disagree/make a connection. Next week, these students, now experts on the process, will each be assigned to their own group to teach their group the process. The topic next week: comparing the treatment of elderly in the US and in other cultures.


Oral Presentations

Everyone gave me their oral presentation topics and they look great! You should have chosen one of the organizational models we’ve done so far. Everyone has done a great job! Now to create the presentations!! I don’t want you to read them. I want you to use the tool (time line, flow chart, org. chart, and now Venn Diagram) that goes with your model to guide what you will say. We’ll practice in class. Remember 2-3 minutes. Don’t forget your poems!!!