Lesson #9 Using the Tools & Cues

On the last exam, I noticed that some folks had trouble going from information in your tool (organizational chart) to writing a paragraph using cues. I want to make sure that everyone understands this connection!! So let’s practice!!! Look at the chart below and read the written paragraph below it. Instructions follow.

Chart of cell phone use

People buy cell phones for three main reasons. First, they want to stay in touch with family and friends. For example, they work all day but want to talk to their families. A cell phone allows them to call at lunch and during break. Second, people want to take care of household needs when away from home. For example, they may want to make a doctor’s appointment, or schedule a repairman. Finally, people buy cell phones to take pictures. It is very convenient to have all these tools on one device.

1) Circle the subjects of each sentence and underline the verbs

2) Put a double underline beneath each cue that you see.

Now, you try it! Do the following

1) Create an organizational chart for a paragraph that has the following:

Three main types of animals – domestic, farm, and wild animals – Include examples of each

2) Then write a paragraph using cues, complete sentences, and the correct verb tense.

There are three main types of animals, domestic, farm, and wild animals. First, domestic animals are animals that…


More practice identifying subjects and verbs. Understanding word order in English sentences


1) Underline the subjects and circle the verbs

1.      The man is friendly.

2.      The moon is full.

3.      Joaquin has many classes this semester.

4.      The woman walks to work every morning.

5.      They watch football on Sundays.

6.      He loves to play soccer.

7.      Sara listens to music after school.

8.      He comes from Puerto Rico.

9.      The people bring good ideas to the meeting.

10.  We always forget how to get to that store.

2) Identify the subjects and verbs – then write these in the correct order.

1.      woman the happy is

2.      hot sun is today the

3.      John classes HACC at likes his

4.      Saturday every walk you market to the

5.      to go they church Sunday every

6.      Listen to Sara music loves to

7.      work after David sleeps day every

8.      25 years old is she

9.      stories after dinner they tell

10.  travels fast on information Internet the


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