Lesson #5 PT Questions – Check your answers

How can I ask a question in Present Tense?

What do you hear: a question or a statement?

Question Statement
2. X
4. X

Most verbs….

1)      You start the question with the helping verb “do” or “does” (for he, she, it)

2)      Add your subject

3)      Match them!

4)      Add your main verb – NO ENDING!

5)      Finish the sentence


Remember, only one verb gets a special ending – and the helper gets the ending – NOT the main verb this time.





Singular Plural
Do I like French fries? Do we like French fries?
Do you like French fries?


Do you like French fries?
Does he like French fries?

Does she like French fries?

Does the dog like French fries?


NOTICE: the main verb Like does not take an ending.

Do they like French fries?


Do the students like French fries?


Try it now yourself with “have” Ask questions for each pronoun.


Singular Plural

Do I  have the time?

Do we have enough people on our team?
Do you have a degree?


Do you have time to study?

Does he have a wife?

Does she have ten dollars?

Does it have a home?

Do they have a place to go after work?


Singular Plural

Do I go to church on Sundays?

Do we go to dinner together?
Do you go to baseball games?


Do you go to school on time?
Does he go to school?



Do they go to work together?

What about for “be”????


1)      Start with the correct “be” form

2)      Add your subject

3)      Finish the sentence



Singular Plural
Am I a hard worker? Are we hard workers?
Are you a hard worker? Are you hard workers?
Is he a hard worker?

Is she a hard worker?

Is the horse a hard worker?

Are they hard workers?

Are the employees hard workers?


Write 5 questions using the verb “be” – this could be any answer – check the pattern!

1. Am I happy?

2. Are you in love?

3. Is she your friend?

4. Are we at the same place?

5. Are they from Puerto Rico?

Write 5 questions using other verbs (not be) – have, like, go, walk, work, talk

1. Does he like ice cream?

2. Does she need to lose weight?

3. Do I know you?

4. Do you walk to work every day?

5. Do they talk to each other yet?

What do you hear: a “be” question or a “do/does” question?

“be” question “do/does” question
1. X
2. X
3. X


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